Picnics, olives, tripods and a little bit of sunshine

Happy Spring!

I have about a month of school left, and I can’t wait for this craziness to be over so I can really start wedding planning. (Emphasis on ‘start’ because I feel like we really haven’t started much on the ‘planning’ part of it..) But, we did go on a picnic today!

We have another session with the couple’s ministry at church this coming Sunday, and we procrastinated on our “homework” this month and didn’t get to it until today… but we did it, and it was just lovely! There were a few date night options, but we decided to go on a picnic because the Irvine weather has been so beautiful these days… and also because the other options were: sitting on the couch for two hours, or going to a football stadium and whispering ‘I love you’ to each other as you take steps away from your partner.. I was rootin’ for the latter option, but Eugene said picnic. So, picnic it was!

We also decided to take advantage of the sunshine and took some pictures for our “save-the-dates”. Eugene & I are both huge shutterbugs..so we thought it would be fun to let our pictures speak for us :)

Our ghetto signs made with dry-erase markers on 99-cent Rite Aid poster paper.. 

For our picnic, we decided to make BLTA sandwiches for lunch! Bacon…Lettuce…Tomato………. and Avocado, yum :)

Smush that avocado!

Chop, chop, chop!

Healthy bacon…

and where was Eugene when I was making this, you ask? He was too busy and excited making his half of the posters..


There were so many nice parks to choose from, but we decided to go to a quiet park nearby. The grass was a little wet but thankfully we brought a blanket to sit on! We were seriously two of the 5 people who were at this park… so it was really quiet and really peaceful. Perfect for our picnic date!

Potato Salad, Olives and peace tea. Too perfect…

It was sweet just being able to share and spend time together. We talked about how we were doing and how we could be more creative and deliberate about making Christ the center of our relationship. Definitely becomes more and more of a challenge to be mindful of this the longer we date and the more comfortable we get… But something we’ve been learning in the books that we’re reading together is that the ultimate purpose of marriage is to display the glory of God- the glory of His love, grace, mercy and faithfulness to us in Jesus.. Eugene & I (being the very sinful and selfish people we are) are definitely not ideal candidates for such a high calling, but God in His divine wisdom saw it fit to display the beautiful and magnificent glory of His gospel through us..

I’m thankful for His grace in revealing these truths to us now so we could work the rest of our lives to live faithfully to this calling. So thankful!

We spent a good chunk of our time just having fun taking pictures. We decided to just do it ourselves and not bother our photo-friends during this mid-week picture taking extravaganza. Thankfully, my sweet friend CJ let me borrow her handy dandy tripod. Definitely served us well :)

p.s. Isn’t Eugene’s drawing of himself so cute? haha my favorite is the little heart…

Hopefully when Eugene finishes uploading and editing the pictures, I’ll be able to give a sneak peak of our finished product here. The pictures are so much fun, I really like them! But for now, I will leave you with some smiles :)

Until next time!

- sharon